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Master your niche?

Do you Struggle with:

You can overcome these obstacles by niching your brand and developing a strong alignment kit. We’re here to help!

Finding & retaining clients

Finding and keeping client is often the main goal in business. Ensuring your are talking to the most receptive crowed for your message and value will result in more sales.

Trying to know it all

Jack of all trades, master of none? Not only doesn't this dilute your value, it adds extra work in developing a one-size fits all service. Become a specialist, find focus.

targeting Troubles

Stop fishing without bate! The number one issue with target marketing is miss-aligned offering or messaging. By knowing your audience, you can easily add value.

Too much competition

Having a hard time standing out? Specialize! There may be many options in your industry, but your brand has something different to offer- you!

Unsure where to start

Writers block isn't reserved for authors alone. Sometimes we know what we need to do, we just don't know where to start. Our easy to follow roadmap will get you there!

Sharing your Message

You know your niche and your audience but fall victim to studders when faced with the 'pitch'? We promise you will leave the course excited to network.

find clarity & Focus by Mastering how2Niche

Understanding the Concepts

You are not the marketing guru, that’s why you are here. Like any adventure, it is best to start at the very beginning. Reviewing the concepts and terminology will prep you for the fun to come. 

Mastering the Research & Planning

Here is where we dig deep. First reviewing your market as a whole, then narrowing down where you and your competitors fit. Once mapped out, the planning flows easily.   

Simplifying & solidifying your message

So you’ve found your niche, now what? We will ensure you complete this course with the confidence and tools to clearly present your value and message to the world.  

A Clear, easy to follow Map
to Niche your brand

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Why Grow your brand with us?

Backed by experience

Having supported brands from all industries in their adventures into Niching, we at How 2 Niche, know our 'niche' and can't wait to share.

Simplified Concepts

Keeping it simple is key. Marketing can be an intimidating topic, by keeping our lessons clear and concise, we know you'll be a wiz in not time.

Proven Results

Don't take our word for it! Talk to one of the many successful brands who have gained confidence in their markets by mastering their niche.

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